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Fall is right around the corner and with that is the release of Fall Collections. One of the things that I'm super excited about is the introduction of the new Rogue Brief by Coach for their 1941 Collection. I first saw the bag in the new Fall ad campaign and instantly fell in love...

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MENSWEAR | Denim Days- EXPRESS Fit For You

Denim has always played a major part within my wardrobe. Through every style reinvention came a denim reinvention. From the wide leg, saggy "skater" jeans of my teens, to the ripped and repaired boot cuts of my 20s, to the sleek and chic styles of my 30s- a great pair of jeans went a long way. And the brand that I always experimented within my personal denim pieces has been EXPRESS...

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MENSWEAR | Scentbird

Those who know me well, know I love a great smelling cologne. But those who know me really well, know I'm really picky when it comes to a great smelling cologne selection. Haha! I got the opportunity to partner with Scentbird- a designer fragrance subscription service for men and women on my latest post...

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