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Those who know me well, know I love a great smelling cologne. But those who know me really well, know I'm really picky when it comes to a great smelling cologne selection. Haha!

I got the opportunity to partner with Scentbird- a designer fragrance subscription service for men and women on my latest post. Each month for $14.95 a month (basically the cost of 3 trips to coffeeshop lol), you get a different 30 day supply of a designer scent to try out. It arrives to you in a sleek atomizer and velvet case with a selected fragrance by their Scent Editors. The fragrance I'm trying out currently is Eight & Bob, Nuit de Megève. This scent definitely fits what I typically go for- clean, subtle, and woodsy.


Recently I did a trip to Dallas to meet with clients and I took Scentbird along with me. The atomizer was the perfect travel size companion and fit easily in my briefcase. It was a great "on the go" scent that held up all day and was easily accessible to freshen up with. What's also great is it has a 'twist & spray, twist & close' function so it reassures you it won't leak or accidentally spray. I think the biggest take away from this experience with Scentbird is it's made me a new fan of Eight & Bob and I'm looking forward to adding it to my scent collection.

Scentbird has been so awesome to partner with on their fragrance subscription service that they are offering a special 25% off promotion that I can share with you! Click the link below to give it a try! 

For Men, click here.
For Women, click here.

Thanks again Scentbird for this awesome service! Can't wait to see what's my next fragrance!