PROJECT | "Searching" A Fashion Film for Kim Dawson Model Search ft. Cassius Simpson

Kim Dawson Agency launched the first Kim Dawson Model Search in 1997. Their contestants have gone on to have successful careers within the industry- most notably Erin Wasson who was their first search winner that year and has gone on to be the face of many campaigns such as Maybelline, Armani, Donna Karan, Roberto Cavalli, etc. as well as grace the covers of Italian Vogue, Vogue Paris, German Vogue, Allure, etc.  

I had the honor and pleasure to partake in this year's 20th anniversary of the search by directing a fashion film for one of their contestants- Cassius Simpson. Motion picture is definitely not my genre of work so I partnered with my very talented friend and colleague Tanner Herriott to create this piece titled "Searching". It is inspired by a lyric from the song "Nature Boy" by Nat King Cole-

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return".

A very big thank you to Kim Dawson Agency for this amazing opportunity. To Cassius Simpson & Marisa Harbert for bringing to life these two characters in this piece and astounding me with your performance. To my team of creatives- L.B. Rosser, Sarah Eliza Roberts, and Hans Kleinschmidt for contributing their time and talents to making this piece happen. And to Tanner Herriott- you have taught me so much through this process and kept me grounded through the stress of it all. I can never thank you enough for being such a great friend and an inspiring individual.

Here is "Searching". 

A Fashion Film for Kim Dawson Model Search

Cassius Simpson, Kim Dawson Agency

Marisa Harbert, Kim Dawson Agency

Creative Director & Producer
Tony Li

Director of Photography & Editor
Tanner Herriott

Hair & Makeup | LB Rosser
Stylist | Tony Li
Stylist Assistant | Sarah Eliza Roberts
Production Assistant | Hans Kleinschmidt

Music | "Longing" Max LL

Special Thanks
Kim Dawson Agency
East + West Tulsa
My Mod Mess