NEWS | Hello 2017! Let's do this thing! #HNY

Happy New Year! Sorry for the absence! I took a few months off from writing to focus on some projects and work as well as restructuring the content of my blog. I also utilized that time to focus on what the new year would look like as well as what was next for me and "the project". 

2016 was an interesting year to say the least. It offered many highs as well as many lows- personally as well as professionally. However I managed to maintain positivity through smiles and laughter alongside my friends and family. I reflect back on the year and take it as a learning lesson on the value of chances and possibilities. 

Taking chances was pivotal in growing myself. It gave hope. It gave adventures. It gave possibilities. It gave courage. It gave freedom.

With the new year here at our doorstep, my focus is to continue challenging myself to take more chances and see all the possibilities. This mindset only makes me more excited for the adventures that lie ahead for the year. So here's to 2017. Let's do this thing!